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1000 Hours Outdoor Challenge

What is the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge? In a nutshell, the goal is to get your family outside as much as possible in order to reap the benefits of unstructured nature play. The advantages include stress reduction, physical exercise, fresh air and fun! Less screen time and more outside time! The aim is to reach 1000 hours within one year but I’m not holding myself to that number. For me, it’s more about working outside play into our lives, whether an hour or five a day, and helping my kids build a relationship with the Earth that can be enjoyed during all of the seasons. 

Going for it?  Check out my Pro Tips below and sign up here to receive email encouragement throughout the year and download a kids tracker sheet.  Also, check out Hannah's NH State Park posts for great spots to be outdoors year round!

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Pro Tips

1000 Posts
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1000 Hour Posts

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