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Photo of GreenLifeNH's founders - two moms on a mission to inspire positive changes in NH.


GreenLifeNH was started by Rachel and Hannah, two New Hampshire moms on a mission to inspire positive changes in our community and beyond. Count on GreenLifeNH for tips of low-waste living, information on current policy, interviews with local environmentalists and business owners, and reviews of useful books and articles. With your help, we can make a greener tomorrow for our children and grandchildren! Please contact us with content ideas or issues you’d like to see explored and/or consider joining our team of writers!

"GreenLifeNH's green guides are huge! I didn't know about the soft plastic dropoff at the grocery store and will definitely be doing it from now on.  Their tips are so informative and useful."

"Every step we take matters! Teaching your children and raising environmental awareness is a tremendous investment and it truly has a positive impact. Thank you GreenLifeNH!"


"Thanks for sharing your work GreenLifeNH! Balancing activism and parenting is a lot! - but our individual actions can make a huge impact on corporations who account for 70% of pollution. Small actions matter!"


Iconic New Hampshire landscape photo of mountains and lake represents eco-friendly action.
Logo -Plant with 3 green leaves representing GreenLifeNH’s 3 green guides and blog.

Our Team


Hannah MacBride

Hannah MacBride grew up playing in the woods, fields, mountains, and waters of New Hampshire. Her early love and appreciation for nature grew into a desire to protect natural areas and conserve resources. As a young adult, Hannah focused her energy on improving her own lifestyle to reflect her values, embracing the Zero Waste Movement. When Hannah became a mother, she was inspired to learn to grow and make the food her family eats and to teach her own children and others to live lightly and locally. In order to do this, Hannah knew she would need to reach a broader audience. After several inspiring conversations with Rachel, GreenLifeNH was born. 


Rachel Gourvitz

Rachel Sandweiss Gourvitz was born and raised in NYC during the 1980s and 90s. She specifically remembers when the city stopped using residential incinerators and introduced recycling. A true city girl, Rachel used to be afraid of nature and walks in the woods. However once Rachel started regularly visiting the Berkshires in her 20s, and using transfer stations, she began thinking about man’s effect on the environment. Rachel moved to NH with her family in 2013, and has since watched the temperatures hit 60+ and rain in January. She is therefore working to improve her personal habits by making one small change at a time (often inspired by Hannah!), in hopes of protecting our Earth.

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