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1000 Hours Outside

It’s a new year and many of us have resolutions, special words or goals that we want to meet. Some of my personal ones are to listen better, interrupt less, practice more yoga and eat less meat. Hannah has started an awesome series here on GreenLifeNH, where you can set a new eco-resolution for each month and work to change your habits for the environment.

I’ve also been following an account on Instagram called “1000 Hours Outside.” I think you get the gist, but the point is to get away from our screens (so incredibly hard right now!), breathe some fresh air, enjoy nature and play. It’s a way of pushing ourselves outside (even on days that aren’t ideal) and reaping the benefits. I also like that it’s flexible- life happens and no one wants to be outside for hours in the pouring rain. Or maybe the day was just too crazy and you couldn’t find the time. So you skip it and then spend more time for the rest of the week. It’s a long-term opportunity to improve your health and life.

Maybe it’s nerdy but I love the little information posts along some trails

By the way, you don’t have to live in a place like NH to reach this goal. I lived in NYC for 30 years and know there are countless parks and other places to enjoy some fresh air. Get creative. Your outdoor time doesn’t have to happen in an idyllic wooded area with running streams and deer. And if Covid has you thinking “that is never going to happen,” then start with something less daunting. Can you do 500? That’s around 1 hour a day, give or take the time you naturally spend outside during the summer. Set a goal and strive for it.

Besides the psychological benefits, connecting to nature strengthens our interested in climate change. I mentioned this point briefly during my solstice post, but when you start enjoying ALL of the seasons, you care more about their impending absence. I used to dread the winter, but now ski (I learned as an adult three years ago) and get especially sad when it rains rather than snows. I’ve actually become excited about winter, because I look forward to getting out there and playing on the slopes.

Half of my ski gear is passed down from generous friends. PS I fixed my helmet before I started skiing

So that’s a family goal this year. Follow along with us! It’s also early enough in 2021 to try it yourself. I’ll check-in monthly and let you know how it’s going. Wish us luck! – Rachel


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