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Act Now! Concord Eco-Issues

Looking to take action in an easy yet long-lasting way? Two hot issues currently on debate in Concord:

1) Concerned about the proposed moving and rebuilding of Rundlett Middle School? The new "Rebuild at Rundlett" website summarizes why it would be a better environmental choice for the school to stay in its current location. The next School Board meeting will happen on June 6th and you can share your opinion! A final decision hasn't been made, so now's the time to add your input.

2) Remove the Langely Parkway Extension from Concord's budget and plans. There are many reasons to oppose this project. From an environmental standpoint, extending the Parkway would "introduce several negative environmental impacts to the area including pollution, an increase in wildlife motor vehicle accidents, and habitat fragmentation. These adverse impacts would be felt by people, wildlife, and the local habitat." Attend an upcoming City Council meeting and have your voice heard! The next two meetings at 5:30 on June 2nd and 9th at City Hall. This issue is pressing, as it sounds like the city wants to start this project rather soon.


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