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ACT NOW: Widening I-93 in Concord

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I-93 highway widening is about to happen right here in Concord! Many residents are unaware that this massive project is in the works and/or haven't considered the research and implications. Please help get the word out - there is very little time to weigh in. The next TPAC meeting to discuss the project is Sept 15th at 6pm. More information can be found on the Concord Greenspace Coalition website. Unsure about why this would be a negative change? Here's some food for thought:

Mr. Biden, Tear Down This Highway

Granite Geek: Crunching the numbers on the parking lot that is I-93 in Concord

Granite Geek: A quarter-billion for a slightly better bit of road? We’re beyond that, or should be

PS Looking for new items for your home or office? The state runs a "Reuse Facility" right in Concord. Common items for sale include furniture, tools, pocket knives, clothing/shoes/hats/belts, appliances, office supplies, equipment and electronics. There is both a retail store and live auction.


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