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Do You Know How to Sew?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Happy Solstice! How will you be celebrating? I shared a little bit about what my family does on this day, but I hope you enjoy your own traditions too. Plus, if you’re looking for a special light show tonight, head outside.

Image borrowed from the Tree of Life Fan Facebook page

On Friday, I shared on our Instagram that our old duvet accidentally ripped and I found stuffing all over the laundry machine. I was annoyed for a few different reasons, including not wanting to clean the mess (but I did) and dreading spending the money on a new one. However then it dawned on me – I didn’t need to buy a new one, I could just fix the one I have. Let me be clear – I’m no seamstress. I’m not a naturally crafty or DIY person, but can use a needle and thread and it was a simple seam. Thirty minutes later, my blanket was fixed and ready to sleep with that night. The work wasn’t perfect, but good enough, and I figured it could be hidden by my top sheet. I was also thrilled that I had saved myself a nice chunk of change.

Besides being practical, sewing can also be a fun zero-waste activity for kids. I’ve wanted to make this holiday craft of years. This season, due to staying home more, my little one and I finally had time to make a garland. She sliced the oranges with her kid’s knife, I tucked them into the oven and then taught her how to sew. At first, the sharp needle and grown-up style activity made her (and my husband) nervous. But I encouraged mindfulness with the needle, and ultimately a small prick won’t cause much harm. She then sat on the couch and diligently worked on her project. When finished, we had a gorgeous less-waste decoration for our home (just compost when done!) and an extremely proud and satisfied five year old.

Hannah also offers a lesson on patching clothing to make them last longer. Again, all done by hand and no machine needed. Here’s a simple tutorial if you’re new to this skill. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I wish they still taught Home Economics in school (to both boys and girls). So many of these skills are good for both the wallet and the environment! Plus, it’s really satisfying to make and fix something with your hands. Good for quieting the mind, too. Happy sewing!

– Rachel

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