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Five Questions With Jenny Humphries of Mr Fox Composting

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

If you’ve been a longtime reader of GreenLifeNH, then you know I’m a strong believer in composting. Food waste accounts for a large part of landfill space and composting is a free/cheap and easy way to avoid this trash. However sometimes composting just isn’t possible due to various factors. For example, much to my dismay, I pause my practice over the winter because my tumbler gets full and my “in town” yard doesn’t have space for large scraps heap. Or maybe you’re just super busy and don’t have the energy to add a whole other chore to your life. I get it. Enter composting services. I first learned about Mr Fox via our Instagram page and they seem like a reliable and easy way to compost without having to do much of the dirty work (pun intended). Read below to learn more and let us know if you have any questions! – Rachel

1) Please tell us a little bit about Mr. Fox Composting. How did you develop this interest and service? Mr. Fox has been around for over 12 years in the NH and ME Seacoast. There was a need for composting at the time and Mr. Fox was created. From there we have continued to grow and we are growing every day. It’s wonderful to see right now specifically, composting is ‘trending’ and more and more people are understanding and wanting to find ways to help the planet!

2) What is it like to own a small business in New Hampshire? Pros? Cons? I do not own Mr. Fox but the business is small. I am the Operations Manager and there are four drivers, our owner, and our bookkeeper! It’s really fun, we work closely and are always talking with each other throughout the day. Cons … not everyone is composting. We want everyone to compost! The easier we can make it for people to compost, the better for us!

3) Composting is an important part of protecting the Earth because it diverts food waste and other natural scraps from the landfill. What are some easy beginner tips for people who don’t know where to start? Mr. Fox makes it really easy for people. You sign up online, we deliver you a bucket with a list of approved organic waste items to toss in. Then we pick it up on a scheduled day. If you do not want to sign up for our curbside program, we work with many town Transfer Stations, a town-provided service. If you want to start with the town, I recommend getting a 5G bucket from a hardware store and designating that as your compost bin. You can then bring that to the transfer station and tip your scraps into the bins there.

4) Please tell us about your own zero-waste journey. What are some habits you’ve mastered and others you are working on? It’s ongoing, as you can imagine. Composting is so easy to do – everyone makes organic waste so it was a simple way to help the planet. Other ways I try to cut down are reusing. My household is a no-paper house, meaning I use only cloth napkins, towels, shower liner, etc. I use those and wash them instead of using paper or plastic products. I also try to focus on the idea of ‘need vs. want.’ That’s not always easy, but it does help cut down on buying unnecessary items etc.

5) Anything else you’d like to share? Composting may seem intimidating or scary to begin, but don’t let that fear stop you from trying or starting! Everyone is learning and I am always here to help answer questions big or small. We only have one Earth, so every bit helps!


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