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Global News to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I know most of the environmental news we hear is doom and gloom. It can be hard to bear and hard to get motivated when it feels like everything we love is slipping away, BUT good things are happening out there! Good people are doing wonderful things all around the world to preserve, restore, and revive natural places; green technology is growing in leaps and bounds; and governments and companies are stepping up to address the climate crisis.

Here’s some news to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, from my preferred news source, GoodNewsNetwork:

The COP26 Global Climate Summit was a somber event, but a lot of good news came out of it. Read this article to find out what countries are pledging to do to fight climate change globally.

A Great Green Wall is being planted in Africa to hold back the desert, creating jobs, food, and habitat. (here’s a CNN update on the project)

Humpback Whale populations are rebounding and their habitat is being protected! In a world where species are disappearing, I LOVE this kind of story.

20,000 pounds of trash were removed from the Pacific Garbage Patch using an invention designed by a boy who wouldn’t give up. I am definitely showing this one to my kids!

NH drivers love their trucks, so here’s one for the truck-lover in your family. I know a lot of hardcore environmentalists want everyone to switch to public transit or drive tiny electric vehicles (I’m a fan of the reverting to horses myself), but the fact of the matter is that, if we want to make this work, it needs to work for everyone, including truck drivers.

I just really like this story for so many reasons, including the title: Irish Metalhead Turns His Ancestral Estate into Model of Rewilding

Norway closed its last coal plant and turned it into a giant national park – This is the direction the world needs to go! Europe has been really leading the way in a lot of these efforts and we need to catch up.

Major companies are working together to reduce plastic waste. Yes, governments need to regulate companies, but I love when companies regulate themselves! As consumers, we have a lot to say about that – so make yourself heard!

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful you come to our site to learn about green living in New Hampshire.

– Hannah

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