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How Do You Make Your Coffee?

This mug is over twenty years old

As the sole coffee drinker in my house, it’s wasteful for me to make a large pot of coffee (with a reusable filter) that won’t be fully consumed. When we got married ten years ago, we therefore asked for a Keurig and have been loving it ever since. At first, like many people, I bought and enjoyed the Keurig pods. However a little while into using it, I realized those cups produced a lot of trash and decided there must be a better way. (The Atlantic actually wrote a whole article about this issue.) Simple fix – I purchased reusable pods that I fill with regular coffee and it works just fine.

I’ve had these cups for about three years

I use less water and coffee than I would with a large pot, and I save myself the unnecessary trash. The pods are inexpensive to buy and can be found at a lot stores. I’ve purchased mine at places like CVS and TJ Maxx. They cost under $10 and have lasted a few years. I also save money by buying regular coffee, which is cheaper than disposable k-cups. It’s a small change you can easily make in your house, without much effort. Think of how much trash we could avoid if everyone ditched their cups for this reusable option. Plus, I still get to enjoy my Keurig and am guilt-free. A win-win! – Rachel

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about fair trade coffee and practices, you can read this Instagram post

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