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How to Patch Clothing

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We’re always being told to reduce, reuse, recycle, but another “r” that doesn’t get as much press is repair. Before cheap clothes made over seas and fast fashion, people took better care of their clothes (and clothes were made better).

One way to take care of your clothes is to patch holes. Children, especially, are very good at taking out the knees off their pants. Here is a quick and easy patch you can sew on, which is strong enough to last for a couple hand-me-down cycles.

First, cut a patch from an old t-shirt or pair of pants big enough to cover your hole.

Next, turn over the edges about a centimeter and pin them. This will give you a neat edge to your patch.

Flip the patch over and pin the patch to the pants. I use the same pins, by carefully removing them and sliding them through both layers of fabric.

Now sew along the edge of your patch about half a centimeter from the edge. You can remove your pins as you go around the patch.

When you come to a corner, simply turn your stitches and keep going. When you are finished, knot your thread on the inside of the fabric.

Here is a quick and easy way to sew on a patch. It involves no fancy stitches, but works great for patching kids cloths and your play clothes. Have fun with it by choosing different patch colors and patterns and by cutting different shaped patches.

– Hannah

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