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I Want to Make a Change, Where Do I Start?

I’m taking some time off this week, so thought I’d share some of our older posts that get buried in the back of the site. They all offer simple suggestions about thinking more sustainably. I always say that you don’t need to adopt an “all or nothing” philosophy in order to make a difference. By choosing even one or two of these new habits, you’ll be helping the Earth and working towards preventing climate change.

No more paper napkins! Breaking away from paper goods is so much easier than you’d expect and saves a lot of trees, water and energy.

Composting! Food waste and scraps account for about 25% of our landfill. We can easily reduce that number through developing a free and easy habit.

What’s in your lunchbox? Reduce your reliance on ziploc bags and single use plastic.

June produce is here! I was so excited to see these items at my favorite local farm,

Meat and dairy production are incredibly taxing on the Earth. Jonathan Safran Foer writes about their effect in We Are the Weather. If going fully vegetarian or vegan seems too daunting, you can still make a difference by focusing on just One Meal a Day.

Lastly, there are so many ways to stay fashionable while maintaining your Earth-friendly principles. I share a few ways that I shop for my wardrobe without sacrificing style.

Have any other suggestions? Share with us. I’ll be back next week with regular content.

Happy summer! – Rachel

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