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Out and About: Polar Caves

I don't know about you, but our summers tend to fly by. I have all of these big plans for us, and then somehow September hits and we've done maybe 1/10 of them. Well, this summer, no more! I've started setting aside dates in the calendar as "family adventure days" and insist that we head out on a new-to-us day trips, moans and groans ignored. I created a list in the beginning of the summer and we pull from it. This time, we explored the Polar Caves.

The Polar Caves are an outdoor park of sorts, just about an hour north of Concord in Rumney. It's an easy shot up 93 and the view is beautiful. Once there, you can spend about half a day climbing in and out of nine natural caves and exploring. There are ladders, squeezes through which to twist your body and gorgeous scenery. It was good exercise that felt more like fun than work! Especially good for kids who like to climb, though safe for school-aged kids and older. Our family ranges from age 7 to 49 and we all enjoyed our time. There is also a historical element to the caves. The park itself has been open for about one hundred years but there is evidence of activity from centuries ago. I found that element really interesting.

Once done, you can enjoy a picnic lunch and then head into downtown Plymouth for some walking around. There are some cute eco-minded shops to visit, icecream and candy to enjoy and a great consignment store if you need some new-to-you clothes. It was another fun day where we were active outdoors, enjoyed a fun downtown scene and then were home by dinner. If you're looking to go, buy tickets in advance online and save a few dollars. I thought it was pretty reasonably priced.

PS Looking for some other events around the Concord area this week? The Concord Gardening Club is offering open garden tours throughout parts of the city. For younger people, Petals in the Pines is hosting a "Peter Rabbit Day." For children of all ages, there is the Annual Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum Powwow in Warner. All three events get you outside, learning, enjoying and exploring!

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