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Products We Use: Kidizen

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

My shop on Kidizen

In Hannah’s post about baby fashion, she extols the virtues of hand-me-downs. I couldn’t agree more. However sometimes you’re the first friend in your circle to have children and hand-me-downs are nowhere to be found. You might also have two little girls and want to play around with dressing them. (I speak from experience about both of these situations…) For over 3 years, I have been purchasing my kids’ clothes from Kidizen and don’t plan to stop. Similarly to eBay, people have little “shops” on Kidizen and sell kids clothes that they no longer need. I have been able to find high quality used clothing for half of the price, which I then pass between my two girls. When done, I resell via the site and pass them on to another family. It’s beautifully circular. People also sell “new with tag” clothes that they purchased or were gifted, but were unable to use. I love buying these items too, because they are usually at a discounted price and I’d rather support another mother, rather than a corporation. If you want to try Kidizen, feel free to use my code (tta0k) for $5 off. (Full disclosure – I get a little credit from them too.) You can either download the app onto your phone or visit their website. Happy shopping! – Rachel

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