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Products We Use: Pact

On GreenLifeNH, I’ve written about the benefits of buying used clothing (especially for my kids who are constantly growing!). However sometimes there are certain items you’d rather not buy used, such as underwear. Enter Pact. I recently purchased a few items from them and have been pleased, however I wasn’t planning to share with you until I saw the note above. I don’t know about you, but donating my items to Goodwill or other charities has become increasingly difficult. Some charities want the items pre-sorted due to Covid-19 (understandable) or are only open on certain days during certain times (difficult when you’re juggling a bunch of different responsibilities throughout a day). When I saw that I could put some of my gently used items in a box and say goodbye to them, I was sold. Plus, it would help people in need and prevent more items from hitting the landfill.

As directed, I logged onto the site and completed the label form. It was super easy. My only criticism is that I don’t get to see which charity will be receiving my things. Ultimately that’s not a huge issue, but transparency is always welcome. According to their site, however, choosing your charity is an option that will soon be available.

If you’re like me, your eyes will wander and you’ll start browsing the site. I’ve purchased a dress from them and have been pretty happy with it. I’m not perfect (I live in yoga leggings made from synthetic materials), but am trying harder to pay attention to my clothing and wear natural materials when possible. Sure, it sounds fancy, but laundry really affects our environment. So if you’re looking to buy new, Pact is a good place to start. What other sustainable clothing brands do you like? Share with our community below!

– Rachel

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