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Products We Use: Refillable Deoderant

If you're looking for an easy low waste swap, your deodorant is low hanging fruit. You use it every day. It comes in a plastic container that needs to be trashed or recycled (depending on the kind you use). And it's a necessity (at least for most of us).

I first encountered refillable deodorant at We Fill Good in Kittery, Maine when I made a GreenLifeNH store visit there. As someone who had searched long and hard for the right natural deodorant, I was skeptical about trying something new, but I committed to a couple month's worth in order to try it out. Fast forward almost two years later, and I am still using it!

Basically, refillable deodorant arrives at your local refill store in a big tub and you use a scoop to refill your pretty tin container with whatever kind and scent you'd like. To apply at home, you use your fingers to rub it gently into your armpits. While this does take a bit of getting used to, it is actually pleasant and, if you have any leftover on your fingers, it rubs in nicely as lotion. When you use up your container, bring it back to the store and refill it. I actually use two containers, because I, personally, don't like to let my deodorant run out before I buy more. :)

There are several different brands, types, and scents of refillable deodorant available and I have now tried several, all with similar results. They work. They smell lovely. And they achieve my low waste aims. And, when I learned that Witching Hour Provisions in Contookook (which is a lot closer to me) stocks refillable deodorant too, I've been restocking there.

- Hannah

PS, Want to tackle another low-hanging fruit? How about your period?

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