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Products We Use: Souper Cubes

I am all about eating healthy, home-cooked meals, but I am not all about cooking every day. Or every other day. So I buy (and grow) ingredients in bulk and cook them in bulk so I can just reach into the freezer for a pizza crust, some curry, cookies, muffins, or soup. We eat lots of soup in this house because it’s so easy to make in bulk and so versatile, plus we always make soup with lots of beans and vegetables, so we know the kids are getting the nutrition they need in a tasty bowl.

Squash soup is a favorite in the fall. I store soup in large glass containers in the fridge to eat all week and freeze more for when I don’t have time to cook (read: don’t want to).

I used to store large amount of soup in ziplock bags. I would cut the bags off the soup when I was ready to heat up several cups, thinking that one bag was a lot less waste than four cans or three cartons from the store. Then I switched to reusable ziplock bags, but had to thaw the soup for hours before I could slide the soup out without wrecking the bag. It worked, but it was annoying and I had to plan ahead.

Another issue with both kinds of ziplock bags is that I had to wait for the soup to cool before I could put it in the bag, which was one more thing to think about. Also, I couldn’t ever make just one portion of soup from the freezer, which is uncommon in a family of five, but it happens.

Enter Souper Cubes. These durable, reusable, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe silicone trays freeze your food in perfect portion sizes. After a lot of debate (I hate buying things), I finally opted for two of the two-cup trays and I have not regretted it.

I can pour the soup in piping hot from the pot into the Souper Cubes. The cubes of frozen soup pop out easily and I can store extras in my reusable ziplock bags conveniently. It’s easy to reheat one or ten servings of soup without wasting any plastic, cans, or cartons. My kids’ favorite part? They can request whatever soup they want and don’t have to eat whatever my husband and I are eating that meal. It’s a win-win-win.

Reheating soup from the Souper Cubes is really easy. Just add a bit of water to the bottom of the pot and heat it up, stirring occasionally.

At the moment, I have potato lentil soup cubes, tomato soup cubes, African sweet potato and peanut soup cubes, Scotch broth cubes, and squash soup cubes in the freezer. All homemade and all ten minutes away from being ready to eat.

– Hannah

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