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Save our Marsh! Attend the Concord Hearing TODAY

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

We received an email yesterday from a reader letting us know that the Hoit Road Marsh Wildlife Management Area in Concord is in danger. NH House Bill 571 seeks to repeal recent prohibition of OHRV use on the Marsh, opening the vulnerable ecosystem up to motorcycles and other motorized vehicles.

There will be a hearing on HB 571 today – Wednesday, February 10 at 3:00 – to repeal the ban on motorized vehicles. People can attend the hearing via Zoom and view it via YouTube.  Also, via the General Court House website, people can register in support or opposition to the legislation, sign up to testify, and/or send emails to the committee.

If you live in Concord, this is a chance for you to support our local ecosystem and make a real difference. Please do your part!

– Hannah

I found this beautiful cover photo on a website called New Hampshire Love It of Leaf It, which offers to help you “find great places to kayak quiet water, bike down a shady path, or snowshoe through the woods. Join us as we explore New Hampshire, slow and easy.”

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