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Going Plant Based - Tom Brady is (almost) vegan!

There’s a lot of hype right now around Tom Brady and rightfully so. He is considered by many to be the best quarterback of all time. He has many records and achievements under his belt. He is also the oldest player to be named Super Bowl MVP and win a Super Bowl as the starting quarterback. And he’s (almost) vegan!

For some reason people don’t associate athletes with veganism or veganism with athletes. It’s a sort of societal joke that vegans barely scrape by eating moss and roots and that people have to eat dense foods like meat to gain muscle, but the facts are different. In fact, eating a mostly plant-based diet, like Tom Brady does, is really much better for our bodies than the standard American diet filled with meat and cheese.

To learn more about how plant-based eating can improve your performance and your health (even if you, like me, are not an athlete), check out No Meat Athlete, The Thrive Energy Cookbook, or any of the hundreds of choices. If you’re still not convinced, you can read up on more vegan super athletes, like Venus Williams and Alex Morgan. And here’s another list of elite athletes who’ve ditched the meat.

Thinking of reducing your meat so you too can become an internationally renowned athlete? Or just hoping to be a healthier human being, while reducing your impact on the Earth? Check out my January articles on vegetarianism: Six Easy Ways to Cut Back on Meat in 2021 , My Top Five Cookbooks , and Who’s paying for your burger?

Photo credits: Tom Brady and Venus Williams

– Hannah

How are you reducing your meat this year?

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