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Walking in Beauty at Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH

Are you in need of a truly inspiring, restful, and natural way to spend an afternoon? Check out Bedrock Gardens in Lee, New Hampshire. The grounds offer so many amazing and beautiful gardens, forests, ponds, and secret pathways, it's easy to pass several wonderful hours out in nature there. And, as a gardener, inspiration is around every corner and through every peep hole.

This week, my mom took a friend, my youngest daughter, and me to the gardens for a tour. While I've been to Bedrock Gardens several times for their yearly Fairy and Hobbit Festival, this was my first time touring without the fairy houses and fairy house building. And, while I do really love the Festival, I found today much more relaxing. I was also able to pick up some more plants from Bagley Pond Perennials there and my daughter found an amazing little kaleidoscope that she can add flower petals and other nature finds into. All-in-all, a wonderful time was had by all.

Bedrock garden offers tours, classes, and workshops throughout the summer.

This post was mostly just a way to share photos of our visit! ;)

- Hannah

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