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Wash Your Hands

While it’s always important to wash your hands, it’s currently more necessary than ever. So what kind of hand soap do you use? From an environmental perspective, package-free bar soap is the most low-waste option. However not everyone likes bar soap and many prefer the liquid version. If you’re in this group, there are a few options:

First is Hand Soap Paste. I’ve purchased this item through Bona Fide in Concord and have grown to like it. To maximize effectiveness, you need to use a reusable foaming pump to along with it; otherwise the product is too watery. I’ve lowered the ratio (I use one cup of water per piece of bar, rather than two) and it’s been much better. It’s not as thick as pre-made liquid soap but there are lots of suds and it’s light and pleasant.

Another option is buying hand soap in bulk at Granite State Naturals. It’s a great way to support a local store and get the liquid soap you love. During non Covid-times, they allow you to bring your own jar and refill with it. Right now, they’re using plant-based plastic and this service is available curbside. (The co-op allows you to do curbside bulk for dish and laundry soap, but you have to buy a glass mason jar. That is fine with me.) In the past, the soap I’ve purchased at GSN has been scent-free, however you can always add some lavender or citrus essential oils to make it more luxurious.

Curbside bulk dish soap from the co-op

Lately we’ve been using Dr Bronners liquid castille soap. (You can also buy the bar version and melt it into a large container of water.) They were running a sale and I like supporting this family owned and socially-conscious company. I dilute the liquid soap to make it last much longer and have also been using it to clean my house. On their site and bottles, they list at least ten different ways you can use their soap. Plus I really enjoy all of the different scents they offer.

If none of these methods appeal to you, there is always one tried and true option – buy the biggest bottle of your favorite (eco-friendly) liquid soap and reuse the bottle as much as you can.

As always, remember to wash your hands and stay safe!

– Rachel

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