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What’s Bringing You Joy in October?

It’s a tricky time in the world, but we can still find happiness! What brought you joy this October? Here are some things that made us smile:


Crispy, crunchy fall walks! We used to hustle and bustle on the weekends – running from birthday parties, errands and other responsibilities. Now that we’ve been forced to slow down, my family has been taking a lot more walks. These little constitutionals were harder to do during the height of the summer but the temperatures are perfect now and there’s no snow yet. It’s been really nice to stretch our legs and enjoy the fresh air together

Farm stands! I haven’t set foot into a traditional supermarket since March, but I still go to my favorite farmstand at least once a week. I love the fresh produce, saying hello to the people who grow my food and all of the little treats I can buy and enjoy. I shared on our Instagram, but I’ve developed a little habit of purchasing a pumpkin whoopie pie every time I step inside the shop. I also love the fresh bread, local eggs and dairy and challenging myself to try to new produce, like the squashes above.


It rained! The drought has been on my mind a lot these last couple of months. I know it’s not over, but at least it rained and the stream behind my house filled up with water. We went for a long hike in the rain last Tuesday and then on Wednesday, it made me SO HAPPY to see the water rushing by and to hear the sound of the water again. My kids were thrilled to play in the stream and race boats under the bridge again. We still need to conserve water in our homes and gardens and we should all be rain dancing like there’s no tomorrow, but at least we got a little reprieve last week!

What brings you joy?


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