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“Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson

Much like “The Joy of Cooking” is my go-to for all things culinary, “Zero Waste Home” is great reference for all things, well, “zero waste.” In her book, Johnson talks about the environmental benefits of bulk shopping, cooking from scratch and making your own cleaners, among many other things. The book can be a bit overwhelming to new readers – no, you don’t have to start making your own cheese and butter if that’s not your thing – so please don’t abandon it during your first read. (Something I may have done…) Instead, like most things zero-waste, choose one thing and go from there. Maybe you want to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, switch your hygiene products or reduce your food waste. Johnson has suggestions for all of these goals. Take it slow and start from there. Remember, we’re all striving for progress – not perfection. One thing at a time! Oh, and no need to buy a new copy – you can find many used ones online. Another way to help the environment! -Rachel

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